Certificate in Buddhist Meditation

Program Description
The certificate program in Buddhist Meditation program is designed for students who desire to be more knowledgeable about Buddhism and its meditation traditions and techniques.

Program Objectives
The objectives of the Certificate in Buddhist Meditation program are to:

  1. Study several of the religions of the world and to engage in meditation aspects of those traditions.
  2. Learn how to teach meditation with tools for body, heart, mind, and community.
  3. Receive professional mentoring (individual and group) offered throughout the training by a group of highly respected meditation teachers.
  4. Learn the application of mindfulness and self-compassion to relationships, conflict, trauma, organizational wisdom, and societal change.

Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion of the Certificate in Buddhist Meditation program, the students will:

  1. Obtain a comprehensive overview of the Buddhist meditation traditions.
  2. Build a sustainable and balanced meditation practice that is compatible with lay life.
  3. Enhance or develop new contemplative skills as part of the life-long process of learning.
  4. Gain cognitive and experiential knowledge of every aspect of meditation and finish the program as a confident group and private meditation instructor.

Admission Requirements
1. Submit a completed and signed Application Form: The application form can be requested from the Admission’s Office or downloaded from the University website: www.iueast.org.

2. Submit the $100 Application Fee (non-refundable).

3. Submit all documents that are required by the admissions office:

  • a. Proof of Graduation: Applicants must provide proof of bachelor’s degree, such as official transcripts or certificate of graduation.
  • b. International Students Only:
    • Copy of valid passport
    • Copy of valid visa
    • Copy of I-94, if available
    • Previous institutions Form I-20
    • Bank Statement, or Affidavit of Support

4. Personal Identification: All applicants are required to submit a photocopy of personal identification such as state driver’s license, government issued identification card, and passport or any government issued photo identification.

Graduation Requirements
Successful completion of 36 quarter units of study is required with minimum of 2.0 cumulative grade point average. The normal time necessary to complete the program is one year.

Course Requirements

 Course Number  Course Title  Quarter Units
 BM 101  Introduction to Buddhism  4
 BM 102  Foundations of Thought  4
 BM 103  Buddhist History  4
 BM 104  Buddhist Meditation I (Mindfulness, Vipassana)  4
 BM 105  Buddhist Meditation II (Zen)  4
 BM 106  Buddhist Text Reading I (Theravada)  4
 BM 107  Buddhist Text Reading II (Mahayana)  4
 BM 108  Buddhist Culture & Ethics  4
 MP 100  Meditation (Every Quarter)  1