Seogwangsa Buddhist Temple

Whether you are someone just starting out on your spiritual journey or a seasoned spiritual practitioner, you have found a local place to start…

Seogwangsa Buddhist Temple offers programs for everyone. One of the difficulties today is that we don’t take time to discover and develop our spiritual nature.

-Explore the options of building or strengthening your spiritual life
-If you are brand new to Buddhism and the Seogwangsa Buddhist Temple, start by visiting us on your lunch hour or after work or by participating in one of our introductory programs
-Explore the options of building or strengthening your spiritual life

Service Guides

-Weekly Services (Weekly services are normally held on Wednesdays from 5:30 – 6:30 PM)
-Memorial Services

Rev. Hye Wol Sunim was first ordained in Sri Lanka in 1977 and took robes in the Korean Zen tradition in 1984. Rev Sunim studied with Buddhist masters in Sri Lanka, Thailand, China, Australia, Taiwan, Korea, and Japan. He arrived in the US in 1991 where he translates Pali texts and teaches from the early discourses of the Buddha. Rev. Sunim founded the Meditation Center for Zen Communities (MCZC) and has created a Center in Pearblossom California.