Campus Location and Resources

Campus Facilities

Our main campus is located at 1125 W. Sixth Street # 207, Los Angeles, CA 90017, next to downtown Los Angeles and near Koreatown. The campus consists of an administrative office, two classrooms, a prayer center, library and an area with personal computers for students’ usage.


IUE’s library provides a small collection of academic works in Korean and in English in the disciplines of theology, art, music and social sciences. The library area is accessible from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. from Monday through Friday. Access to the Main Los Angeles Public Library, a few blocks south of the school, is also available. The public library has an extensive collection of works and is available for student usage. All students will be required to attend library training session at the library and must have an active Los Angeles Public Library card.

Computer Area

Whenever possible, students are encouraged to bring his/her own laptop to IUE. If a student doesn’t have access to a computer, students are welcome to use the computer available at the Computer Area.

Security and Safety

The building in which IUE is located is generally safe and secure. While this is generally true, all students and staff must be aware of any unusual activity which might put the community in danger. All unusual situations should be reported to the closest staff or the security guard of the building so that appropriate steps for safety may be taken.