Bachelor of Religious Studies

Program Description
The Bachelor of Religious Studies program is designed to provide students with a broad base of knowledge in Buddhism and other religions. The basic Buddhist principles will help to guide the students to grow, physical, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually into dynamic citizens of the world. This program will help the student to see how spirituality has an important part in the development of a holistic person.

Program Objectives
The objectives of the Bachelor of Religious Studies program are to:

  1. Provide students a comprehensive knowledge about the origin, development, and the spread of Buddhism in the world.
  2. Introduce students with the various aspects of Buddhist teachings, philosophies, ethics, and meditation traditions.
  3. Acquaint students with the history of Buddhist Pali, Sanskrit, and classical Chinese literatures.

Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion of the Bachelor of Religious Studies program, the students will:

  1. Develop substantive knowledge of Buddhist history, thought, texts, and practices.
  2. Demonstrate analytical skills through specialist and comparative work.
  3. Assess multiple theories and methods of Buddhist Studies.
  4. Develop critical thinking, writing, and research skills.

Admission Requirements
1. Submit a completed and signed Application Form: The application form can be requested from the Admission’s Office or downloaded from the University website:

2. Submit the $100 Application Fee (non-refundable).

3. Submit all documents that are required by the admissions office:

  • a. Proof of Graduation: Applicants must provide proof of completion of high school in order to qualify for admissions, such as official transcripts or certificate of graduation.
  • b. International Students Only:
    • Copy of valid passport
    • Copy of valid visa
    • Copy of I-94, if available
    • Previous institutions Form I-20
    • Bank Statement, or Affidavit of Support

4. Personal Identification: All applicants are required to submit a photocopy of personal identification such as state driver’s license, government issued identification card, and passport or any government issued photo identification.

Graduation Requirements
Successful completion of 180 quarter units of study is required with minimum of 2.0 cumulative grade point average. The normal time necessary to complete the program is 4 years.

Course Requirements
General Education Course Requirements (80 Quarter Units)

Course Number       Course Title                                                            Quarter Units    

ENG 101                        Developing Communication Skills                                   4

ENG 102                        Creative Writing                                                                  4

ENG 103                        Literature of the West                                                        4

ENG 104                        Literature of the East                                                         4

HIS 101                          United States History through 1876                               4

HIS 102                         United States History since 1876                                     4

HIS 103                         Asian History                                                                       4

ECO 101                        Introduction to Economics                                               4

POL 101                        Introduction to Political Science                                      4

HUM 101                      Civilizations of the West                                                    4

HUM 102                      Civilizations of the East                                                     4

HUM 103                      Critical Thinking in the Twenty-first Century                 4

HUM 104                      Logic                                                                                     4

PHI 101                         Introduction to Philosophy                                              4

PSY 101                         Introduction to Psychology                                              4

SOC 101                        Introduction to Sociology                                                 4

SCI 101                         Human Health and Development                                   4

MAT 101                       College Mathematics                                                         4

COM 101                      Intro. to Computer & Information processing              4

ANT 101                       Introduction to Anthropology                                          4


Religious Studies Course Requirements (28 Quarter Units)

Course Number       Course Title                                                            Quarter Units    

REL 101                        Religions of the East                                                          4

REL 102                        Religions of the West                                                         4

REL 103                        Foundations of Buddhism                                                4

REL 104                        Foundations of Christianity                                              4

REL 105                        Foundations of Islam                                                         4

REL 106                        Foundations of Judaism                                                    4

REL 107                        Foundations of Hinduism                                                 4


Buddhist Studies Course Requirements (72 Quarter Units)

Course Number       Course Title                                                            Quarter Units    

BUD 201                        Introduction to Buddhist Meditation                             4

BUD 202                        Intermediate Buddhist Meditation                                 4

BUD 203                        Advanced Buddhist Meditation                                      4

BUD 204                        Fundamentals of Buddhism                                            4

BUD 301                        Buddhism and Culture                                                     4

BUD 302                        Ethics in Buddhism                                                           4

BUD 303                        Practicum in Buddhist Ministry I                                    4

BUD 304                        Practicum in Buddhist Ministry II                                   4

BUD 305                        Buddhism in East Asia                                                      4

BUD 306                        Cultural and Social Aspects of Buddhism                     4

BUD 401                        Pastoral Counseling for Buddhist Ministry                   4

BUD 402                        Individual Study for Buddhist Ministerial Students     4

BUD 403                        Profiles of Buddhist Leadership                                      4

BUD 407                        Buddhist Sutras in English                                                4

BUD 408                        Buddhist Philosophy                                                         4

BUD 409                        Buddhism in South and Southeast Asia                        4

BUD 410                        Buddhist Psychology                                                        4

BUD 411                        Buddhist Sociology                                                           4