Statement of Educational Philosophy

International University of the East (IUE) strives to provide cohesive and integral educational experience for the growth of each student. In this growth process, both the student and the teacher learn from one another according to their educational and experiential strengths. The faculty of IUE does not limit their capacity only to the dissemination of knowledge to the students; rather, together they seek the truth for the life. In this search, education is a growth in wisdom and compassion to the mutual advantage to both parties.

Education is the exercise of mutual respect grounded in the teachings of the Buddhist tradition of the recognition of reality, honesty and acceptance. Education flourishes only when student and teacher alike accept each other as they are and respect each other for what they are and what they will become.

Education remains vital when the experience and the wisdom of education alter one’s behavior in a positive way that reflects the knowledge that has been shared by those participating in the educational process. Education should be the catalyst by which individuals and communities increase the learner’s practice of wisdom and compassion.

Education is a long process, sometimes a life-long process. It provides the individual an opportunity to relieve from ignorance and to attain a life of peace, harmony, responsibility, compassion, and excellence through educational and personal growth.
These principles applied to education reflect the spirit and the objectives of the living of life according to the Buddhist way. These will allow the university community to have a positive influence on the greater community of Los Angeles and, by extension, to the global community.