President’s Message

Welcome to International University of the East,

Buddhist Studies are finding their place in the traditions of religious and humanities educational programs in the United States. We welcome your consideration of and participation in an innovative approach to religious studies that will afford you the opportunity to develop skills as a reflective and critical thinking leader in a spirituality centered academic program. You will acquire a solid grounding in Buddhist traditions with a view of the work of compassion that must compliment the economic dynamics of this new Global Era.

The International University of the East study program follows a practitioner model of learning. This means that academic studies in Buddhism are combined with practitioner skills in such areas as speaking, teaching and counseling. You will be enabled to demonstrate the Buddhist perspective of peace and compassionate service in religious and social affairs.

Fees are modest. Transfer credits can be an option. Classes are small. Learning is personalized. The faculty is experienced and diverse. Become part of our study community. Find and grow into your life vision.

With warm regards,

Mi Ran Kim