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Dear Friends,

At this time the Seogwangsa Buddhist Temple and the International University of the East are seeking help in establishing themselves as a center for Buddhist Studies and as a resource for spirituality in the Los Angeles downtown community. The leadership of the temple and the university has assessed the need for both of the institutions to serve the local and extended family in the continuance of spirituality in the Buddhist tradition. Course and meditation opportunities will be open to all who wish to develop the spiritual nature of their life in a strong tradition based spirituality that is adapted to life in the twenty-firt century life in Los Angeles.

It is the hope that with the support of individuals and businesses in the community that we will be able to reach out to people, especially the young, who are seeking their way to a better life. Members of the temple and university staffs are willing to work with all members of the community to create a better community where contemplation and knowledge will be stepping stones to a better life for all of Los Angeles. At this time we are a small temple and educational center but we hope to be a catalyst for peace and justice in Downtown Los Angeles.

We are presently planning prayer sessions and classes which will help us to establish ourselves in downtown since we are located at 1125 West Sixth Street Suite 207, Los Angeles CA 90017.

The temple and the university, with your help, will be able to make changes in the city through the power of meditation and prayer and through the educational development of those taking classes at the center.

No donation to our work is too small. Through peace and harmony even little things will grow.

Thanking you advance for your donation and be assured that you will be part of the prayer life of our community as we develop a strong spirituality in the area…

Director Mi Ran Kim

The Institute of Buddhist Studies humbly accepts any donations to support our programs.

For information on how to give to the Institute, please contact:

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